Rigging Set Up

Central Control Line for Aft Lowers, Internal Jib Halyard Fine Tune,

Swivel Cleat for vang, central control for aft lowers


Cascading backstay 24:1


External Jib Halyard Fine Tune

Light Line on Backstay

Mainsheet Barney Post Equivalent (Mounted on Traveller instead of Cockpit Floor) - Side View

Aluminum bracket bolted to Harken hi-beam traveler supports swivel mount for double ratchet main sheet block and double cam cleat for dual ratio mainsheet system from Layline. Double-ended backstay line and cleat on cockpit side beyond.

Top View

Mainsheet Bracket 2 = view from top. Bracket sized to provide clearance between track and swivel for car and control line to pass. Traveler car is high-load Harken with cleats mounted on car. Some people use a windward sheeting car.

View from Underneath the Traveller

Mainsheet Bracket 3 = view from bottom. Aluminum bracket (1/4" plate) bolted to traveler using SS bolts and nylon lock nuts. Ends of bolts are cut off to prevent damage.

Aft Lowers Arrangement

Aft lowers 1 - Adjustable aft lower track made from old original main traveler track.


Aft Lowers Arrangement

Aft lowers 2 - 2:1 control line. Black marks on deck next to track indicate light, medium, and heavy settings.

Aft lowers 3 - Track mounted on angled teak block to align track with shroud.

New Boat Console

New Boat Console - Side View


Backstay Controls - New Deck


New Deck Layout (from year 2000)

Disaster Area Rig Setup

Sock on Boom used to hold Spinnaker Pole