Welcome to the "new deck" version of the Santana 20 website.  Like the 900 series Santana 20, we have smoothed out the edges and lopped off some parts while retaining the essential information.  Please take her out for a spin and report back your thoughts to the Webmaster by clicking on the Webmaster link in the lower left corner or the similar link found on the Class Officers page.

Please note that the dynamic features (e.g. bulletin boards, electronic membership dues payment, web casting) are not available as essential software remains to be transferred to the new server.  The fleet pages (click on "Fleets" to your left), which are hosted on a separate web sites, are available for reading.  Posting new messages to the fleet bulletin boards isn't available either as this depends on the previously mentioned software too.

In the mean time, those wishing to join the Association or renew their memberships should do so via their local fleet or by contacting the Association's Secretary (click on "Class Officers.")

We thank you for your patience while we undergo this unscheduled migration.  Enjoy the new site!

+ John Papadopoulos, webmaster