I don’t know about you, but this class has been in need of some cool t-shirts for along time. Well, the wait is over! We have an arrangement for our class being able to order custom t-shirts of your own boat at a great price. What's great is that you can take your favorite picture of your own boat (like how 'bout those great pictures that you have from Nationals last summer) send it to the t-shirt maker, and they will silkscreen it onto the back of your shirt. The bigger the file of the picture, the better the detail and quality of the silk-screening.  The example used of my boat is a 3meg picture file. Or you can put whatever artwork you want on the back if you don't have a good picture you like. The front left boob area has the S20 logo, and then you can put the name of your boat underneath it (or any other verbage you desire).



The cost is $18 for short sleeve or $20 for long sleeve. Colors are white, heather grey, and natural cotton. This is a GREAT price for a custom silk-screened shirt that you can have to make your team look great, or just to flaunt it at the bar in front of other boat owners not fortunate enough to be in the S20 class. Be stylin’ at your club’s upcoming Opening Day festivities!


The link to the website is They do all the t-shirts for North Sails. Their customer service is excellent (they’d better – they’re my sister and brother-in-laws)!


I've attached a few pictures of the shirts they did for my boat and crew for you to look at. The picture detail is excellent, and they can spruce up a marginal picture and make it look good. Hope you all like them!


Derek Martin

Western Regional Director (and purveyor of cool sailing stuff)