About Fleet 7 ~ Mission Bay, CA
Santana 20 Fleet 7 is located at Mission Bay Yacht Club (www.mbyc.org) which is ideally situated for both "lake like" sailing on Mission Bay, one of the better bodies of water for the sport of sailboat racing in all of California, and sailing on the adjacent Pacific Ocean.  The Santana 20 fleet is currently captained by Nikki Hunter.  She can be reached via email at pnhunter@san.rr.com.

The sailing season at MBYC never really ends and includes club level sailing (typically a couple of Sundays each month) punctuated by number of regattas offering multi-day one design racing including the SCYA Midwinter Regatta (February), the NOOD Regatta (March), the One Design Regatta (August), the Turkey Day Regatta (November), and the Hot Rum Regatta (December).