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Last updated 04/13/2017

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3/1/2017 SOLD: Santana 20 w/ Trailer
  • Needs some TLC here and there.
  • Sails are included.
  • Serious inquires only. Trailer included.
  • Located in Denver, CO
  • $1900 OBO


11/18/2016 FOR SALE: Santana 20 #932 with Trailer
  • I'm the second owner of one of the youngest Santana 20s.
  • The boat is in nearly new condition; has been sailed less than 20 times!
  • Mast has always been kept in a bag
  • Great trailer
  • Reasonable offers considered
  • The have the original receipts for the boat and they are unbelievable.  I paid $12K for the boat
  • Asking $9500
  • Located in Oregon



Avery1 AT mac DOT com

8/16/2016 FOR SALE: 2003 Trailrite Trailers (2)
  • Used for Andrews 21's, have adjustable height pads, though they stand for them are welded on.
  • Trailer is rated to 3,000 pounds and have never been ramp launched.
  • VERY low miles on were stored in Costa Mesa and towed to Newport Beach (8 miles) a few times a year.
  • Trailers were professionally serviced two months ago prior to us towing the boats from Newport to SF (Brentwood)
  • In Excellent condition, including tires. 2" ball.
  • Located in San Francisco, CA area
  • $1500 each


(415) 543-7333

6/27/2016 FOR SALE: Santana 20 Mast
  • From a 1977 Santana 20
  • Straight and true
  • Good halyards & standing rigging with boom
  • Needs gooseneck and is ready to go
  • Some corrosion, and little wear at base
  • $650 OBO, plus freight.



(916) 367-1342

jtyer AT comcast DOT net


5/30/2016 FOR SALE: 1977 Santana 20 with Trailer
  • Equipped with "new" style deck
  • In great shape - race ready
  • With sails
  • Always dry sailed
  • Clean epoxy bottom
  • Call with questions!
  • Located in Newport Beach, CA
  • $1900

tdlong AT uci DOT edu

2/12/2005 WANTED: The Mud Flap Girl.  Top dollar paid.




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