We want to recognize and REWARD those members who can’t get enough of the thrills and frustrations that come with racing their S20s.

So starting in 2015 we are sponsoring two awards: The RegattaAnimal: The member that participates in the most regattas.  The Road Warrior: The member that travels the most miles to attend away regattas \

How to enter:

1) Send a digital photo(s) that show you and/or, if possible, your boat at a regatta. Doesn’t matter, one design or PHRF.

  • Include in your e-mail at least location and date. Would be nice if you included some information about the event - i.e., number of participants, weather, fun activities, strange encounters, etc.
  • We will be sharing your adventures on the class website - www.S20.org

2) include a digital image of the results with your boat listed or a link to the regatta website showing the results.

3) If going for “The Road Warrior” award, include the distance you traveled (one way) to the event.

4) E-mail your entries to: webmaster@s20.org


  • You must be a current “Regular” member of the class and be racing on the boat listed with your membership
  • The regatta must be an event with multiple races over a minimum of two consecutive days that require a registration form.
  • For this inaugural year, the competition will run April thru November.  Winners will be announced in December 2015.  In the following years it will run from January through November.


Each category winner will receive a free Class Membership for the following year AND a vinyl sticker proclaiming their achievement.