Memberships extended through Dec 31st


The governing board has ruled that all current 2007 memberships, as well as new memberships, will now be valid through December 31st.


Historically, our membership year has been interpreted as beginning and ending with the Annual Meeting.  Members are to join a fleet, and the fleet must forward membership dues to the Association by October 15th.  In reality, no fleets have collected dues in this way for many years, and most members join the Association directly.


The moving membership year creates some confusion, since the Association does not collect membership renewals until October 15th, which puts it out of sync with the sailing season in most areas.  Moving to a system based on a calendar year will be easier to administer, and will have no effect on the class finances, since we will still collect renewals in October for the following year.


If you havenít done so already, now is the time to become a registered member for 2007.  Your membership will be valid until December 31st, and both Regular and Associate members will be fully eligible to skipper in all Santana 20 events.  If you are a Regular member (boat owner) you will also be eligible to vote for class officers and important rule changes. 


You will also be helping sustain your one-design organization and promote sailing.  I recently represented the Santana 20 Class at US Sailingís One-Design symposium in New Orleans.  This is meeting for one-design leaders and enthusiasts from around the country.  We spent two days sharing ideas on how to make our fleets, our clubs and our regattas more fun.  We also had inspiring guest speakers introduce us to ideas for getting more people involved in the sport, especially young people.  I have been editing our quarterly newsletter for the last year, and I will be incorporating some ideas from the symposium into future newsletters. 


Whether you are a Regular or Associate member, your participation counts.  If you have joined for 2007, you should have already received a membership card and 2007 transom sticker.  If you think you renewed your membership and have not received a membership card and sticker, email Zoe Gilstrap at


Thank you again for your participation, and I hope to see you on the water!


Click here to sign up for the 2007 membership year




Mark Forrest

Past President

#931 Q