Mud Flap Girl Update!

During the Santana 20 2000 Nationals, Chris Winnard's battle flag -- the Mud Flap Girl -- was abducted by some unknown party. We have since received pictures of the Mud Flap Girl from anonymous sources. Watch this continuing saga unfold. We will keep this website updated on the Mud Flap girl's World Tour.

Aug. 19, 2000 


RE: Disaster Area's Mudflap Girl.  Actually, she was not kidnapped, as reported by President Kline at the Awards Banquet.  A letter was left at the Front Desk of Balboa Yacht Club before the Annual Meeting for Disaster Area,  and was delivered at the conclusion.  It was sealed with a kiss, and - sadly  for Mr. Winnard - it was a "Dear Chris" letter.  I had an opportunity to photocopy it while he was in anguish, and it said "Yo Dudes, It's been a great time but it is time to move on. I will send postcards on my world tour.
Love, the mudflap girl". 

Sept. 2000

Chris debuts his new replacement Mud Flap Girl battle flag at the Harvest Day Regatta in Eugene, Oregon.


Sept. 27, 2000

But it appears he made this move too soon. The Mud Flap Girl is still around! Chris received this picture which was taken at the Place de Bastille in Paris!

Sept. 28, 2000

Mud Flap Girl is spotted in New York!

Mudflap Girl Takes a Cruise on Carnival Lines!


At the SCNF Train Station in Paris...Where is she going next?


Boarding a Train in France


Sept. 29, 2000

Mud Flap Girl viewing the Vineyard Parade in Dijon, France


"Identified" Person Holding Mud Flap Girl Outside of Decize, France


Mud Flap Girl's Itinerary -- heading South.

Mud Flap Girl in the Locks in the Loire Valley of France

"Mudflap Girl Loungin' 'round on that there Carnival Boat -  Always Red,  The Sheephustler"

"Mudflap Girl is right in her element down here, boy.  Full tan on the topless beach in Nice, France."

October 2, 2000

Mud Flap Girl - Boating and Biking through the canals of France

Relaxing on the Boat.

Mud Flag tires of Paris and Contemplates the Next Stop

Mudflap Girl at the "In the Water" boat show in Cannes, France.  The Mega Yachts are more her style versus "Disaster Area"

Mud Flap Girl Thinks Parasailing of the Coast of Nice would be Fun


November 2, 2000

MFG gets around fast with the new Porsche 911 Twin Turbo


MFG got caught on the front end of the new Porsche 911 Twin Turbo in I-85

Mudflap Girl visits Lake Norman Yacht Club in North Carolina


November 13, 2000


Bristol Channel Yacht Club - Wales - Mudflap Girl is checking other Yacht
Clubs for better rides.


Where's the Beef?  Toying with the famous Welsh Black Beef Bulls.


MFG hitching a ride on the tour bus

Castle in the town on Carenarfon Castle, in Wales

Competition at the Denbigh Farmhouse


Boarding the MS Viking Star as a stowaway.


Mumbles Yacht Club - Wales - Still looking for a better ride.


MFG got a new job in Bratislava, Slovakia




Mudflap Girl on the slopes of Park City



Mudflap Girl visits the Mormon Temple