In recognition for Fred Luvisi ten years of service to the Santana 20 Class Association Governing Board (Treasurer 2002-2012), the Association recently presented Fred with an honorarium.

Asked to share a few words about his Santana 20 experience, Fred replied with the following.

Fred Luvisiís Story

I was out of college and working as an engineer in Connecticut when I began sailing with friends out of Stonington, Connecticut. In 1973 I was offered a job in California close to Newport Beach. I thought about getting a boat of my own, but a busy work schedule that involved international travel kept that on the back burner. Finally, in 1983, I bought my first sailboat, a Santana 20 named Bullet - hull number 444. The seller was Dick Brown, an active S-20 racer who was moving on to a larger boat. Dick had bought Bullet new in 1978 and had taken excellent care of her. I sailed Bullet until 2010 when I donated her to the juniorsí sailing program at our yacht club. I never became a great racer, but I certainly had a lot of fun with that boat and thoroughly enjoyed getting to know many great S-20 sailors. In 2002 I was asked to be the Class Association treasurer and somehow was kept on in that position until 2012, when I "retired". In those ten years on the Board I had the privilege of seeing first hand a team of talented and very dedicated people selflessly give time and effort to the success of the Santana 20 Class. I am most appreciative of that experience and of the boardís recognition. I wish the class well in the coming years.

Past Santana 20 Class Association Treasurer Fred Luvisi and his Wife (April 2013)

"Presented to Fred Luvisi.  The Santana 20 Class Association would like to thank you fro your time and years of service to our organization.  In appreciation for your leadership in helping us achieve our goals."

The Association would also like to thank 2012-2013 Association Treasurer Walter Stevens for organizing and presenting the award to Fred.