2012 Santana 20 Class Championships

Hosted by Fleet 19 & Eugene Yacht Club

July 23 thru July 27, 2012

Day 3 - Winnard/Purdy/Magers 2012 Class Champions

Due to lack of wind, no additional races were sailed after Race # 5 - which was sailed on Thursday - leaving the team of Chris Winnard, Lance Purdy, and Jay Magers the champions.  For complete results, click here.

Report from Eugene by Lyle Mayer.

No way to pretty it up with words. Friday began with a lot of hope after Thursday evenings' westerlies. But all we got were the sucker southeast wind in the morning then fading a variable shades on the water the rest of the day. The West wind was clocked heading down the valley, but the building thermal north pressure kept it at bay. The race committee had extended the last race starting time to 6:30 pm, but the north wind didn't make its appearance on the lake until after the abandon race flag was raised. So the final results were no surprise since Thursday's standings were known to all.

With clear afternoon light in the background and the taunting wind coming up as dessert was served, the awards were presented. Snekke from Bend, Oregon, was attending their very first regatta ever, received their very first regatta trophy - 1st DFL. A special 2nd DFL trophy was given to the boys from Maine on their borrowed tuna, SPY; these guys never stopped smiling all week. They were able to wing their way across the country thanks to the help of past board president, and airline pilot, Derek Martin. They also received an appropriate award for having traveled the furthest to participate - sleep masks for their long standby flights home.

Next year we meet again on the starting line for the Class Championship 2013 at the Alamitos Yacht Club in Long Beach, Calif.


Day 2 - Team Winnard/Purdy/Magers Dominate

Chris Winnard, Lance Purdy and Jay Magers put together an impressive series of races today - two firsts and a second - to jump into the lead.  They will be hard to catch.  Chris Winnard is tied with Harry Pattison for the most S20 class championship titlesFor complete results, click here. 

Report from Eugene by Lyle Mayer.

Like the day before the winds were light out of the east /northeast in the morning through early afternoon. The race chair gave it a chance so we went out around 1300. The wind was holding about 5 to 4 kts until the starting sequence began when the wind began to fade. Off we went with high hopes but knowing we were in for very light to no-wind sailing with those finding the ribbons of pressure wining out.

With basically no wind at the windward mark, the predictable bunching up occurred. Boats were not only falling below the mark, those that did round the indward mark fell off below the offset mark having to tack back up again.

Everybody made it back over the finish line before time was called and we drifted back to the marina. Actually the wind came up around the yacht club and we had our best winds of the day - so far - as we sailed into our slips.

Action plan C was initiated. after a short break we held the raffle usually held after dinner. In the shade of the trees fabulous prizes were doled out to lucky ticket holders. The kitchen volunteers were alerted that  dinner was going to be late; all were amenable and understood that we were here to race. As hoped, the westerlies filled in around 5 PM and we headed out in about 12 to 14 kts of breeze.

The contrast between the early afternoon and evening conditions couldn't have been more different. In the best winds of the regatta the race committee got off two good races.

The second start of the evening resulted in our first general recall of SantanaFest. With the "I" flag set the next start seem to go well, except for one boat. This was also our longest race with five legs,  finishing upwind in gusts over 18 at times.

The energy at 9 PM dinner was palpable as everyone chewed down on Hector's famous roast pig - not to mention corn on the cob, yam salad, oh, and the chocolate bread pudding.

The consensus was that this is the kind of wind we want to race in. Everyone agreed to extend the last race time on Friday from 3:30 PM to 6:30 PM in the hopes of getting a repeat in this evening's wind conditions.


Day 1 - Team Avery Takes the Lead

After two completed races, Rob Avery takes an initial lead in the 24 boat fleet at the 2012 Santana Fest Class Championships in Eugene, OR.  Rob sailed to finishes of 4 and 1.  In second place is Gordon Mattatall with 9 points (2nd and 7th) and in third is 2011 and 2008 Class Champion Eric Kownacki with finishes of 1st and a 9th.

Report from Eugene by Lyle Mayer.

After a practice race on Tuesday in light to very light shifty winds, the same condition's returned on Wednesday for the first day of class championship racing.

Finally heading out about 2:30 PM in a 5-6 kt. fairly steady breeze, the PRO got the first race off. Winds held and we had a downwind finish for the two leg race.

Hoping to get an upwind finish on the next race with one pass through the leeward gates, we started in the same light breeze. However, it lightened up even more and shifted left as the group approach the windward mark. This resulted in bunching up at the mark as those of us who were now below the mark had to tack up in very light breeze - some suffering disastrous results.

Reaching off under spinnaker, those who found the ribbon of wind pulled ahead. This was especially true for Robin Avery on Buddha who took a commanding lead and held it to the shortened course downwind finish.

For complete results, click here.


At the Class Association Annual meeting held on Wednesday, the proposed bylaw amendment regarding spinnaker cloth weight passed by a vote of 34 in favor, 5 opposed.  In brief, starting 1/1/2013 S20 spinnakers may be made from 37gsm (grams per square meter) weight cloth - the previous limit having been 40 gsm.  This would allow use of, for example, AirX 600 material.


The Class Championships have officially opened at Eugene Yacht Club (Eugene, OR), home of Santana 20 Fleet 19.  The first two days are include Check-In/Measurement days with practice racing on Tuesday.  Championship racing will be held Wednesday thru Friday.



Please take a moment and watch our You Tube video about the 2012 "SantanaFest" Class Championships.  Click the play button.


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