Meet our Newest Fleet – Fleet 32 of Long Lake, Maine!


By Derek Martin (past Class President)


September 20, 2012


Our wonderful Class has enjoyed the creation of 4 new fleets in the last 5 years. Quite an accomplishment when you consider where the economy is and the general state of sailing. The good people of the Lake Region Sailing Club, led by their spark plug and all-around great guy, Paul Follansbee, have put together the newest fleet in our Santana 20 family. Long Lake is located about 50 miles NW of Portland, Maine, in one of the most picturesque areas of an already beautiful state.


If you want to feel good about our Class and our boat, the best way to tell the story is to quote Paul directly from a series of e-mails that we have been exchanging over the last couple of months. These quotes are used with his permission. It all starts with his complete renovation of hull #541, which he rescued from a state of complete decay from somebody’s yard . . .


August 30, 2011


Hi Derek,


Well, what do you think? Do you like it? Old # 541 has a new lease on life. Let me know what you think.







Don’t cha just love the name? And then it came to put her in the water and race her for the first time . . .


September 04, 2011


Hi Derek,

Holeeeeeeeeeey shit do I love this boat!!!  I sailed it for the first time yesterday. It was also a club race. We went out cold turkey to the race coarse. I had a couple of good sailors for a crew and we learned what the boat could do as we sailed the coarse. The coarse was seven miles long, wind was from 0 to 5 mph and in our class we were up against 2 S20's, one Thistle, one Flying Scot and a J22. There were also two other race classes besides ours competing. We lead every boat around the coarse until the last 1/4 mi. to the finish. The J22 caught up to us on the last spinnaker run to the finish. The last run was about 2 mi. and if that run had been a little shorter, the J22 would not have caught us. The coarse was a modified triangle, we had long beat to the windward mark, broad reach to the mark on the east shore of the lake, a very close reach to mark on the west side of the lake, a beat back to the fourth mark back in the center of the coarse and the run home. We got to see how the boat would carry a chute in the different wind angles of the coarse. I was amazed how close to the wind we could carry the chute. I know I am rambling on but I'm so impressed with this S20. I can't wait for the next race on Tuesday night.


I will touch base with you later this week.






His next race had a bit more breeze . . .


September 11, 2011


Hi Derek,

We had another race on Saturday. It was set up with three short races with a mile and a half long course. It was the first time I had sailed the boat in 10-12 mph of wind. Holeeeey shit does she like to move in a breeze. There were only two us on board so we didn't use the chute, but we still managed two firsts and a third. The J22 nipped us in the first race, but couldn't catch us up wind in the next two races. I still have a ways to go in learning how to sail this S20, but I do love this boat!!! Here are some photos of the three S20s during the races. We found someone else with a S20 in Auburn, ME. He wants to come to long lake to sail with us. I hope he will join our Fleet.


Talk to you soon,







Great job to Paul and the rest of the folks at Fleet 32. You all built this fleet from scratch, and we’re all very proud to have you numbered among us. Paul has already bought another S20 for renovation (anyone know where you can get a good used mast?), and with the likelihood of the boat from Augusta joining them, they will soon be up to five active boats. Well done to all! Your lake is beautiful and your Club is a safe have for many an enjoyable night drinking a cold one after the day’s sailing. May your Fleet and Club enjoy many years of Santana 20 fun and camaraderie!



And to all a good night!