2010 Santana 20 Class Association Annual Meeting

July 21, 2010

Huntington Lake, CA

2010 State of the Class and Annual Meeting Minutes

First of all, a huge “thank you and well done” to Adam, Brooke, Jason, Lance, and a host of others for putting on such a fantastic Class Championships last week at Huntington Lake. For those of you that have never been there, you’d be hard pressed to find a more beautiful setting with better wind, than being up 7500 feet in the Sierras. It had it all: fantastic weather, winds 10-18 knots, great camping for everybody (and the requisite white-gas campground fire that made for Rob and Leanne’s near-death experience), cold beer, good times, and undoubtedly the tightest group of competition that the Class has seen in a long time. There were no horizon jobs – even over a 12-mile course. Coupled with the High Sierra Regatta, it made for a fantastic week of sailing.

It is also worth noting that this is Andrew’s sixth, yes – sixth, Class Championship, which is a Class record. Also kudos go to Eric Kownacki’s win at the HSR, their 3rd place at Nationals, Ron and Leanne Fish’s 2nd place finish, Sean Purdy’s (age 11) 6th place finish, and Bob Wright’s 7th place finish, including a bullet for Race 3. This is notable because Bob, after buying “Tinker Toy” just before Nationals last year, has gone from finishing DFL last year to taking home some crystal this year. Nine Fleets were represented, and there was not a single protest. Well done to all who made the trek. The only casualty was IV McNamara, who was rear-ended by a semi on the way home to Tulsa. He and his crew Jay are OK (thankfully, Olivia and infant daughter Louise were flying home), but the boat did not fare as well.

The State of the Class is that we continue to be in great shape, even with the down economy. We have two new Fleets in Kansas City (Fleet 11) and Klamath Falls (Fleet 27), and the LA-basin is starting to show some activity with the Bob Wright and John Wagner leading the charge at ABYC. We currently have 64 Regular Members, 128 Associate Members, and $8642.21 on the books. Our membership numbers have remained steady compared to last year (which is a slight victory, in my book), and we continue to operate on a yearly basis in the black. Boats have been put up for sale, but there have been buyers. In this economy, our great little boat continues to show as a good value.

The Annual Meeting was extremely well attended and the minutes are as follows:

  1. Roll Call of Fleets (9 Fleets represented).

  2. Board Officer Reports for past year:

  1. New/Upcoming Items:

  1. Pop-Up Items from the Membership:

  1. Election of New Board Members

The following slate of proposed 2010-11 Board members was offered, seconded, and voted in unanimously:

President – Adam Mazurkiewicz (Fleet 12 – Central California)

Vice President – Brian Genovesse (Fleet 19 – Eugene)

Secretary – Lyle Mayer (Fleet 19 – Eugene)

Treasurer – Fred Luvisi (Fleet 2 – LA)

Western Regional Director – Ellen Schmidt (Fleet 7 – San Diego)

Eastern Regional Director – John Ritter (Fleet 39 – Chesapeake Bay)

Builder Emeritus – Tom Schock

Consultant and All-Around Great Guy – Andrew Kerr

Past President – Derek Martin (Fleet 7 – San Diego)

  1. Adjournment – where soon thereafter massive amounts of food and beer were consumed, and soon thereafter massive amounts of raffle prizes were won (mostly by IV McNamara, although it was equally great to see the Junior team from Eugene win the airline tickets)!

Finally, I would like to say how honored I have been to serve as your President these past two years, and how much I have appreciated your support, ideas, critiques, and counsel over the last four years that I have served on the Board. All Board members hope they leave the Class just a little bit better than when they found it, and I hope you feel as good about our Class and its future as I do. I will continue to serve as Past President and will shepherd the weighing program through to its hopeful conclusion this fall/early winter.

I also hope that you will continue to support the newly-installed Board with your thoughts and ideas, and that you too might consider serving in whatever capacity you are comfortable with, when you might be asked to join in the leadership of our great Class. We all must do our part.

God bless you and thank you to all that make up our wonderful Class Association!

Derek Martin

Has-Been President

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