Sailor Spotlight - The McBrides

Two Generations, Two Families

A number of Santana 20 crews span two generations of a family.  The crew roster of "Nehushtan” extends that tradition to two families.  Jim McBride and son Mike are co-owners of the boat, which is their second S20.  They bought “Nehushtan” (hull # 167 but with a new deck and mast) in 2003, and sold their first S20, “Jawbreaker” (hull # 31), later that same year - it now resides on Lake Pleasant in the Phoenix area.

Dave Folsom Jr., Mike’s boyhood next-door neighbor, has been a regular crew aboard both “Jawbreaker” and “Nehushtan” for several years.  His dad, Dave senior, has filled in as crew the last couple of years.  In 2007, when family commitments began to vie for Mike’s time (he’s a young Papa), the elder Dave became the de facto middle crew while the younger Dave worked the foredeck.

The McBrides got into sailing relatively late in life - roughly a dozen years ago - and joined Mission Bay Yacht Club and Fleet 7 after acquiring “Jawbreaker” in 1998.  The Folsoms, in contrast, are both life-long sailors from a family now into its third generation of sailboat racing, as well as San Diego Yacht Club membership.  They may be joined by the fourth generation in very short order, as all three of the younger Dave’s kids are themselves veterans on the water.

In real life, “Nehushtan”’s crew of four are an occupationally diverse group.  A former Navy carrier pilot, Jim is chief psychometrician for a leading educational software company.  Mike is a production graphics artist for a major newspaper.  The younger Dave is a medical researcher and member of the Psychiatry faculty at the University of California San Diego. And Dave the elder, now semi-retired, worked in the marine industry for many years, capping his career as owner of Folsom Marine in San Diego.

Jim McBride has been sailing Santana 20’s for a long time now and is the senior member of Fleet 7 at Mission Bay Yacht Club, where they are solid and consistent competitors, and will occasionally trailer their boat to more unfamiliar waters.  You will not find a group of more friendly and conscientious sailors on the water anywhere, and they in many ways typifies the greatness of the Santana 20 class: outstanding competition enjoyed with integrity between good-natured sailors.  Congrats to Jim and Mike and their crew for being selected for our “Sailor Spotlight”!