Nick Genovese - Sailor of the Month for January 2008

Nick is the helmsman of the “In-N-Out” #907 team of his Dad, Brian, and friend, Blake Bale-Fish.  Nic is a 16 year old honor roll student at Marist HS in Eugene, OR carrying a GPA average of 3.5 into his junior year. Nick started sailing in 2002 when his dad bought their first boat, #747 “Wing and a Prayer”. Nick was 11 at the time and pretty small with no prior sailing experience, so it was an easy decision for his Dad to position him at the helm. He and his Dad started racing their 20 as soon as they felt comfortable to make the plunge, most of the time 2-handing it. They saw a lot of the back of the Fleet and didn’t participate in any regattas that first year but persistence paid off because they started finishing other than last place in the next few years. His consistent competitive spirit had him participating in every local regatta and some out-of-towners too. Nick, and an all-junior team, participated at the 2004 Class Championships in Long Beach - his first experience at Nationals. Finishing better than last was a great accomplishment in a great line-up of competitors, especially as the only wing keeled boat in the fleet! From then on, he was hooked, and the Class Champs were something to look forward to each year.

 It was in 2006 that Nick convinced his Dad to trade in the wing keel for a fin so they could even the field and really test his skills. Nick skippered their new 20, #907” In’N’Out”, with another all-junior team in San Diego at the 2006 Class Nationals (see picture). The juniors didn’t finish in the top ten that year but Nick is hopeful that continued time and experience will change that. He continues to learn new tactics and strategies as he listens to the Class leaders like a sponge. He is intent on honing his skills as skipper to see if a top ten finish is possible at the SantanaRama Class Camps this year in Eugene, OR, his home court. No matter where Nick finishes, he is a great competitor and a real ambassador to what this Class is all about. A junior in high school, he is also looking forward to his time in college, maybe even applying his sailing skills at the collegiate racing level. His dream is to attend Annapolis and have a career in the military. Good Luck Nick and GO NAVY!