President’s Message for the 2008-2009 Season

I am honored and humbled to your President for the 2008-09 Season. First, let’s start with some introductions. Here is your Santana 20 Class Association Board for the next year:


President:                      Derek Martin                    San Diego, CA

Vice-President:              Adam Mazurkiewitz           Folsom Lake (Sacramento, CA)

Secretary                       Lyle Mayer                       Eugene, OR

Treasurer:                      Fred Luvisi                        Los Angeles, CA

W/Regional Director:       Lance Purdy                     San Francisco, CA

E/Regional Director:        John Ritter                        Washington, DC

Class Measurer:             Rick Gilstrap                     Eugene, OR

Past President:              Gordon Mattathal               Eugene, OR


Andrew Kerr and John Papadopoulos also remain as Public Relations and Webmaster, respectively. I can not tell you how glad I am to have such a fine cross-section of sailors that are motivated to serve our Class with professionalism and enthusiasm.


The Way Ahead

Next, I’d like to provide you with what the Board’s priorities will be during the next year. In reality, the course laid out by Gordon and last year’s Board is still very sound, and we will be looking to continue and improve upon the good work done in the last year. My priorities for our Class are:



Nationals 2009

Next year’s Nationals will be held at Mission Bay Yacht Club in San Diego, CA. Tentative dates will be July 29 – August 2. Note that the actual racing will take place on FRI-SUN, and will be held out in the beautiful blue Pacific Ocean. More info to follow.


State of the Class

Well, if this year’s Nationals are any indication, then I’d say we’re in pretty good shape. 39 boats attended - with teams from Oregon, California, Washington, Oklahoma, Colorado, Mexico, and Canada. Other indicators: membership numbers are up; we’ve gotten some great press in Sailing World (thanks Mark!) and Sailing Anarchy (thanks Chris!); and our boats continue to trade hands quickly and hold their value when they are sold. Both the oldest hull (#1 – Don Erickson loaned out to Jorge Murrieta), and the newest hull (#932 – Rob Avery) competed and did well at Nationals – a real testament to the design and staying power of our beloved Tuna 20. There just isn’t a better boat out there for the money.


Here’s why I know our Class is great shape – the continued spirit and soul of the people that sail Santana 20’s. If you were at Eugene a couple of weeks ago you know exactly what I’m talking about. The boat itself is fantastic on its own merit. But the warmth and camaraderie of the people that make up our Class is what makes sailing a Santana 20 the great experience that it is. It’s why I own a 20. Yeah, I’m guilty of a little grandstanding to be sure, but I know this to be true. A great boat sailed by great people. We can all be proud of the Class that we have built.


Finally, the Class will only continue to be great if the Class Association continues to remain strong. My job is to ensure that the Board provides you with a product that you feel good about plunking down your $50 for, and being responsive to your needs. Your part of the bargain is to support your Class Association and the investment you have made in your boat by using the painless and secure weblink and sign yourself and your crew up as active S20 members. My vision for our Class is to be known as a “modern day classic”, that continues to thrive as the carbon fiber arms race swirls around us. Please join me in our continued support of our great Class.


                                                - Derek -


I’m Derek Martin and I approved this message.