New Membership Tracking Regatta Management Software
February 5, 2008

Your Santana Class Association Governing Board is proud to announce a new software package for tracking membership and for running regattas. One of the Board's 2008 goals is for improved administrative bookkeeping of our members. This is a new web-based membership management console. This console was designed specifically for the administration and management of one-design class associations. Some features offered by the console include:

This will also allow you, the member, a single and secure point of contact for paying your dues, updating your addresses, and seeing who else is out there and how to contact them. Of course, all of your data will password-protected.

It is also free and painless way to access the event management module which should make running your next regatta (no matter how big our small) a snap. You can take a tour of this exciting enhancement to your Class Membership by going to

This program is fully sanctioned by US Sailing, and the number of One-Design Class Associations using this package is growing.