Hot Rum Regatta

December 15 & 16, 2007

Hosted by Mission Bay YC




Pete Hunter and his motley crew put on a clinic over the weekend of December 15/16, taking five out of six bullets during the Mission Bay YC Hot Rum Regatta. The regatta had everything: perfect weather (sunny and mid 60’s), ten boats, skippers from 16 to 60, and four different sail lofts represented. The breeze was solid, the racing was tight, and the sandbars were...hungry, sort of.


Ten boats made the starting box exciting.  Everybody was pushing hard, resulting in 2 sets of over-early boats, and some very even starts, with all ten tunas going for broke with some really fun and aggressive starting tactics.  Big crowds at the leeward mark, and a couple of inside passes kept things interesting.   Tacking duels and close crosses near the beach , in turn, set up some close finishes.  JohnWeightman took the first race and Pete Hunter, after being over early in the first race, came storming back by winning the next two. Derek Martin, after taking a second in the first race, was channeling the spirit of Paul Elvstrom and decided to have some fun by attempting to port tack the entire fleet at the start of race two. This, of course, lead to him having to duck the entire fleet that was on starboard tack, but he somehow managed to pull out a fifth. The rest of the fleets that were waiting to start got a real hoot out of that! Long live Paul Elvstrom!


The drama actually began before the boats even hit the water, as the crew of Ambulancia (ex-Nalu, ex-Cap'n Crunch) (i.e. yours truly Ev Meade, humble Fleet 7 Captain) dropped their mast while on the hoist. I guess that's why they call them check stays! Nobody was hurt, and MBYC juniors Scott Hoffman and Tyler Caroe helped to restep the mast and get us going quickly.


Seven boats came back for more on Sunday.  The clouds rolled in and the breeze came up for race #1.  Again the starts were competitive, resulting in a general recall.  Race #1 was a bit of a parade, with a weird close reach leg from 4 to 3, but there were several passes in races #2 and #3, particularly downwind, when uneven pressure from behind allowed boats to make big gains from behind.


Pete Hunter and his multi-national wrecking crew put on a clinic both days, winning all but one race.  As close as we can stay to him nowadays, he still manages to pull out the win. Curse you Red Baron! Team Porteous, on “Sparky” sailed well and consistently, placing 2nd. Dave Wright and his new Quantum sails on Wright Way II”, was 3rd.


Overall the fleet put on a good show -- old decks, new decks, and sails from 4 different lofts, including Dave Wright's brand new Quantum sails out for the first time, competed very evenly, with skippers ranging from 16 to 60 representing all age groups. 


Special thanks to Megan Magill, the Dana Point Juniors, and the “Live Free or Die” crew for injecting new blood into the fleet, and keeping the competition strong. Also it was great to see Rick Denny , Simon Clark, and Shawn Malone (just back from Iraq/Afghanistan) back out on the water and getting back into the action. Thanks also to some of our new crew for reminding us why these boats are so much fun --especially Jim Lakis and Jared "Green Machine" Criscuolo.



Place # Skipper R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 T
1 914 Pete Hunter 4 1 1 1 1 1 9
2 276 John Porteous 3 3 4 2 2 2 16
3 783 Dave Wright 6 4 2 4 3 10 dnc 29
4 110 Ed Meade 8 10 dnc 7 3 4 3 35
5 95 John Weightman 1 2 3 10 dnc 10 dnc 10 dnc 36
6 926 Derek Martin 2 5 5 10 dnc 10 dnc 10 dnc 42
7 476 David Barclay 9 7 8 5 10 dnc 4 43
8 921G Shaun Prestridge 7 6 6 10 dnc 10 dnc 10 dnc 49
9 921B Bob Martin 5 10 dnc 10 dnc 10 dnc 10 dnc 10 dnc 55