August 8, 2006


Coronado Yacht Club, San Diego, California


[Ed.  The following are minutes from the Annual Meeting were edited slightly to correct several typographical errors. This copy is not to be considered official.]


  1. Call to Order by President Mark Forrest


  1. Roll Call of Fleets


A quorum was established.  Nine of 13 active fleets were represented (2, 7, 12, 13, 16, 17, 19, 28 and 37).


  1. Minutes of Last Meeting


Motioned, Seconded, PASSED


  1. Report of Executive Officers



Noted that we are working on incentives, such as battle flags. 



  1. Report of Charters Granted and Revoked




  1. Ratification of Governing Board Rulings




  1. Unfinished Business




  1. New Business


There was discussion around letting the measurer's ruling stand that it is legal to use a backstay batten.  It has been used in the past and never questioned before.  There was concern that it shouldn't have to be in the bylaws and should be able to be decided on by the measurer.  There was mutual agreement that the class doesnít want to have everything become a bylaw amendment. 

Motion to table the amendment.

(Motioned, Seconded, Discussed, PASSED)


         Election of Officers (Motioned, Seconded, Discussed, PASSED)

 Slate presented by President Mark Forrest


        President:                                Gordon Mattatal

        Vice President:                    IV McManara

        Secretary:                                Zoe Gilstrap

        Treasurer:                                Fred Luvisi

        Measurer:                                Chris Murschel

        Director, Western Region:            Derek Martin

        Director, Eastern Region:            Edith Collins


    Mark thanked Tim Dunton for all his work.


         2007 Nationals


2007 Nationals will be at Lake Keystone just outside of Tulsa.  If you have any questions or you are interested in chartering a boat, contact IV McNamara and/or Britt Williams.