Racing Arizona

By IV McNamara

2005  Birthday Regatta Photos by Travis Wilson





Recently two Fleet 37 sailors attended the 2005 Arizona Yacht Club’s Annual Birthday Regatta.  Britt Williams, owner and Skipper of Fayest, and IV McNamara, owner and Skipper of One Ton Tomato, made the trek across country and into the Arizona desert to compete in this event.  Team Fayest consisted of Roger Adams at Mid Monkey and Flint Johnson at Fore Cracker.  The Crew of the One Ton Tomato consisted of Olivia McNamara at Mid Princess and Justin Adams at Fore Hangover.  The temperature both days peaked at 74 and both days were beautiful sailing weather.  IV McNamara said “Our goal for the weekend was to have fun and still be competitive.  The atmosphere on the boat was great.  The crew clicked well together.  This was the first time Justin sailed with us and he brought great expertise to calling wind patterns across the lake and keeping everyone focused on task.  Olivia has really come along in her knowledge since the acquisition of a S20 in the McNamara lineup.  This trip was a great way to start 2005!”   When questioned, local sailors provided regional information on wind conditions.  The wind at Lake Pleasant is so predictable you can almost set you watch to it.  At about 8 am the winds blows from the North as the mountains heat up.  Observed winds were 8 to 10 knots both days.  At Noon the desert heats up and the wind gets very light and makes a 180.  “Coach” Britt said “Lake Pleasant is an easy drive for 3 people who want to race in January. Where else can you go race 20's in 72 degree weather, clear blue water, friendly people, camp out next to 12 foot Sacra cacti and have a ball.”  When questioned about his race approach he said “Our goal was to win this event. But our more important goal was to have a great time and make as few mistakes as possible.”


Tactics used by team Fayest included “Sail flat, sail in clear air, avoid congestion on the line and remain calm in adversity.”  These tactics proved well resulting in a 1st place in the regatta!  When asked about the victory over team Head First, a former S20 national champion boat, Britt said “We were excited, but a calm sense of achievement also set in and we were more excited with a one-two Oklahoma finish in race #3. Seeing the old One Ton finish right behind us was a real hoot. Beating the yellow Merit 25 and all the other 20's was also very exciting and all that happened in race#3.”  McNamara said in response “One Ton… Old?  Have you seen Team Fayest?  How can they call anything old?”  The Arizona Yacht Club was a great host.  Races were conducted very professionally and they did a great job in managing 9 fleets!  Overall there were 78 boats that participated.  The event had a great party and the food was excellent!  Most importantly the weather was perfect for sailing!  The local Santana 20 sailors were great hosts and even better competition.  All the races were very tight with only a few minutes separating the first boat from the last.   S20’s also came from New Mexico and California.  Both Fleet 37 Crews are already planning on making the trip next year; you should make that plan too!



Birthday Regatta Race Results 2005
  Sail Boat Skipper   R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 Total
1 920 Fayest Williams,Britt LC 1 1 1 2 4 9
2 413 Chimps in Orbit Quant,Steve   2 3 3 1 3 12
3 700 One Tom Tomato McNamara,Charles LC 6 6 2 4 2 20
4 586 Head First Harris/,Wilson   5 2 10 DNS 3 1 21
5 97235 Watercolors Lorch,Martin LC 3 4 4 6 5 22
6 505 Duck Slooup Diehl,Darrell LC 4 7 5 5 6 27
7 475 Jennileigh, Too Boyce,Ray   8 5 8 8 9 38
8 31   Putman,Frank   9 8 6 7 8 38
9 786 Irish Eyes Snuffer,Bill LC 7 9 7 9 7 39