Columbus Day Regatta 2004



By Gordon Mattatall

Skipper of H2O Boa



It was the best of days it was the worse of days. We were on the 1st start of the Newport Columbus Regatta in a 16-boat fleet (there would have been more but not all skippers could crew out). Our start was the last start and we were watching the classes in front (this is the best of days). The rain in coming down and our sails are wet all the tails are stuck to our sail (this is the worse of days).


 As we watch the class in front we saw that the boats that tack early look like they were making out but when they headed for the weather mark the current was setting they back and the boat that sailed to the lay line were coming in hot and with a clear rounding.


 Our start was so-so. A couple of boats have started to leeward and we were being gassed. Looking to do a clearing tack but the boats to weather was holding us off. Started to pinch up to throw back air on the weather boat. Watch he slowly slip behind. The boats to leeward starting tacking on to port (just what we wanted) we put the bow down and pick up speed. The boat to weather tack. We sailed pass the sighted lay line (the current was going to set us below the mark) and tack on the port. As we came screaming into the mark several boat on starboard but about 5 to 8 boats from the mark were telling us we had no room. Tack inside of the starboard tack fleet and rounded before any closed within 2 boats (I was in less current then they were). We were now in 5th place.


 “What about Bob” was sailing high into the shallows and the some of the other boat were out in the deep water and in more current. We sailed on the hip of “Bob” for the rest of this leg. As we rounded the leeward mark we made for the center of the channel in more current some of the leaders made for the shallows we were closing on them. At the weather mark we set our chute and pulled away from the rest of the fleet headed for the shallows and increased our lead.


by Chris Murschel

Fifteen Santana 20s, fourteen of them from Eugene, joined one local boat for the Columbus Day Regatta in Newport, OR.  Most boats launched in the rain on Friday afternoon.  This is the first year boats were allowed to launch at the port authority hoists.  After launching most crews walked over to see Yakina Bay yacht club’s beautiful new club house under construction.  Unfortunately the rain quickly dampened the traditionally Nye beach bond fire, but plenty of merriment took place indoors and at the local microbrew festival.


Saturday weather was scattered showers in the morning with clearing in the afternoon and gentle breezes all day.  At the skipper’s meeting Eugene and Triton yacht clubs presented Yakina yacht club a captain’s bell for their new club. All courses were inside the bridge since a fishing trawler had sunk in the channel on Wednesday night. As always the highlight of the day was the grilled tuna dinner.


Sunday was sunny with light winds that picked up as the day went on.  The first course sent us under the bridge. Unfortunately the coast guard felt it was still unsafe and turned all boats back, effectively canceling the race.  All was not lost as the committee still managed to get three races in.



Columbus Day Regatta results:


Place  Boat               #_ 

1      H20 Boa           649

2      Aquila            656

3      What about Bob    115

4      Yikes             704

5      Giddy Up          779

6      Pizzazz           331

7      Bandito         49730 

8      <none>            529

9      Slam Dunk         204

10     <none>            908

11     Radost            279

12     Summer Wind       763

13     One Eye Jacq      264

14     Cool Cat          777

15     Hooters          636

16     Wing & a Prayer  747