Camellia Cup April 5-6 2003 - Folsom Lake California


Race Results


"My brother Dave was on the committee boat and got a birds eye view of the amazing downwind finish at the Camilla Cup Regatta. Lance Purdy won the race, but the rest of us all got blown through together. What a night mare for the committee." Rick Gilstrap


"Just a few seconds later."


1st Place - Camellia Cup, Charles Witcher, Sharon Hart and Charlie Hess


1st Place District II Championships, 2nd Place Camellia Cup (District championships were scored in conjunction with Camellia Cup but without the throwouts). Patricia Purdy, Lance Purdy,  Jason Crowson


4th Place Camellia Cup, 3rd Place Districts, Kris and Ken Cardwell (Austin Quilty was also on the boat)


5th Place Camellia Cup - Jim Coyne