Andrew Kerr Interviews:

 Stevie Washburn of Mini Me

Stevie Washurn, Steve Washburn, Bruce Golison

One of the top young sailors in the class is Stevie Washburn. Stevie sails
on "Mini Me" ( # 919) with his dad Steve Washburn and S 20 Class president
Bruce Golison.

Stevie does the bow - Steve does the middle and Bruce steers. We have all
admired watching Stevie sail so well and enjoy his sailing at events all over
the country.

Stevie's team this year has won, ( to name a few) the SDYC Hot Rum series,
WD Schock Memorial, Cal Race Week, the Western Regionals and were 3rd at this year's Nationals in Marina Del Rey.

With all this great sailing under his belt at such a young age and with the
tutelage of two of the very best sailors around in Bruce and Steve, he is
part of the growing band of top young sailors in the class who are serving
notice to the older folks that they are the exciting future of the class and
the sport in general.

Andrew Kerr sat down with Stevie to found out about his sailing and plans
for the future.

AK: How 's your experience been sailing on the S 20?

SW: Good, I like traveling to different places to race.

AK: What other types of boats do you sail on? Were you part of a yacht club
Junior program?

SW: I sail on my dad's Columbia 52, and Wet Wednesdays on Catalina 37's.  No, I like learning from my dad and Bruce.

AK: It's great that you sail with your dad - what's it like to sail with him
and Bruce ? You must learn amazing amounts.

SW: It is fun, it helps to sail with people who know what they are doing.

AK: The bow is a challenging and very busy job on the S 20 - how have you
gone about learning the position? Any tricks you have picked up ?

SW: I usually do what my dad tells me to do, I am still learning.

AK: How are you finding balancing the school and sailing schedules?

SW: The races generally do not conflict with school.

AK: Is there anything that comes to mind that you think the S 20 class could do to help and encourage younger sailors? What advice would you give to new young guy's getting into the class ?

SW: More parents should take their kids sailing.  They should sail with people who know what they are doing until they get better themselves.

AK: How does your schedule for racing on "Mini Me" look for next year?

SW: Pretty much the same as this year.  I am really looking forward to sailing on Huntington Lake in the Nationals.

AK: Any thoughts on your future sailing? Does match racing or the America's
Cup or sailing in the Olympics interest you?

SW: No, I have not really thought about it.  I am interested in getting a 2 man boat to race with my dad, we are thinking about a Lido 14.

AK: Thanks for your time Stevie. Great job sailing this year and best of luck
for the future.


SW:  Thanks!