Year in Review - 2002

By Andrew Kerr


2002 was a great year for the class with class members enjoying excellent sailing and camaraderie all over the country! 

Starting off the year was San Diego Yacht Club's annual New Year's Day race on San Diego bay. The S20 class did very well in their PHRF section with Bruce Golison/Steve Wasburn / Stevie Washburn on "Mini me" winning overall .

For more info on the New Year's Day race go to This is a great way to spend the first day of 2003 !

Next on the calendar was the SCYA Midwinters out of Balboa YC in the middle of February. This event is a great regatta for teams to do as they can keep their boats at the club and attend the Newport fleet 2 seminar the next weekend and then the following weekend race in the WD Schock memorial regatta hosted by the Newport Harbor YC and the WD Schock corp.

12 boats raced in the Midwinters, with the Newport, Marina Del Rey, Long Beach and San Diego fleets represented. Charlie Ogletree and his team of John Papadopolous and Brady and Lulu Sih on "Cal Trans" won the four race regatta with Rick Harris and his team of Andrew Kerr and Rick Denney on "Bustin Loose" 2nd, 3rd was the team on "Gremlin" - Gordon Wanlass, Ryan Millett and Mike Sentovich.

We are very much hoping to increase the turn out for this regatta in 2003, ( February 15th/16th) as Balboa YC and their volunteers do a great job of hosting a good event for the class.


The following weekend fleet # 2 , ( Newport) hosted a great seminar that was lead by 2001 National Champion and Olympic Tornado sailor Charlie Ogletree.
Teams enjoyed two days of on the water drills, lectures and excellent go fast tips from a world class sailor. It was also a good time for people to meet each other, talk about the boat and class and to get ready for the bulk of the racing schedule. Thank you for a great weekend Charlie!

Fleet 2 is planning on having another annual seminar in 2003 at Balboa YC - February 22nd and 23rd. Andrew Kerr will be leading the seminar and we are expecting a good turn out -- don't miss out! Contact fleet 2 's Gordon Wanlass for more information Gordon's e mail is :

The weekend after the seminar was the annual WD Schock Memorial regatta at Newport Harbor YC. This annual event honors the memory of the marine industry leader and innovator Bill Schock.

All the WD Schock Designs are invited to attend and Newport Harbor YC and the folks at WD Schock puts on a great weekend of racing and socializing for the class.

In prior years we have seen as many as 41 S20's for this regatta and have averaged in the low 30's the other years. This year their was a good 24 boat fleet but we are looking to boost the turn out, particularly from traveling teams for this top event in 2003 which will be the weekend of March 1st and 2nd.
Prior WD Schock Memorial regatta winners have been - Tom Schock with his team of Tom Garrett and Sean Patrick, Yumio Dornberg and his team of Rodrigo Mereles and Chad Pennington and Rick Harris and his team of Andrew Kerr and Bill Ramacciotti. These teams have also won the the WD Schock perpetual trophy, ( displayed at Newport harbor YC) for winning the biggest class at the regatta.
  This year, Sailmaker and World class sailor Dave Ullman took a break from his Americas Cup sailing in NZ and raced with the fleet on "Cal Trans." It was great to have him sail in the class and his name gave us great visibility.
Class president Bruce Golison and his team of Steve and Stevie Washburn on "Mini Me" won this regatta convincingly with a very impressive performance. Dave Ulman was runner up and Gordon Wanlass with his team of Ryan Millett and Mike Sentovich on "Gremlin" were 3rd in what was a very tight series throughout out the fleet.

Two weeks later the action switched to the East coast and the S 20 Eastern Regional Championships as part of Sarasota Sailing squadron's Midwinter Championships.
This event has been sponsored by Tom & Jane Schock of the WD Schock Corporation who have also sponsored a seminar the last two years that is put on by Andrew Kerr.

For those who have not been to Sarasota and raced their S 20 you MUST go !! Excellent wind, balmy temperatures and a top class race committee and social schedule all make for a terrific event.
This years seminar featured Andrew coaching on each boat and also Filming the fleet while they raced in the practice races and reviewing the footage afterwards.

It was a great time for everyone to fine tune, talk about the boat and for sailors from the East to meet up with those from the West and south. Of particular mention is the effort that Britt Williams and his team of Ron and Marlene Carnahan made to attend bringing "Fayest," ( # 921) from fleet 36 's Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Craig Ekman and his team of Andrew Brasmer and Doug Savage on "Opfor" from Washington, DC is also another big supporter of this event as is Allan Shedd and his team of Wes Mcann and Stu Kelley on # 568 from Atlanta's fleet # 26.

This year we had boats representing fleets from Michigan, Ohio, Maryland, California, Georgia, Oklahoma and Florida in attendance. Hull # 1 came from Maryland and raced!
This years event featured superb sailing conditions and was won by Tom Schock, Andrew Kerr and Doug Messer on Doug's boat "Joint Venture." Britt Williams and his team or Ron & Marlene Carnahan were 2nd overall and sailed a great regatta, 3rd was Dan Borrer and his team from Apollo beach, Florida sailing a brand new red boat.

The class enjoyed great social get together's and the event is starting to attract a loyal following that we are building on year by year. A big thank you to Tom & Jane and the WD Schock Corp for all of their support.
  The class's goal is to help build up the East coast fleet with an annual midwinter event and also to provide an avenue for the different areas of the class to rendevouz and race in a great regatta.

The event in 2003 is March 20th to the 23rd with Andrew Kerr presenting a seminar on the Thursday the 20th starting with a brief land presentation at 11AM and then on the water coaching with each team (as each team is ready to sail) till 4:30 PM. This will then be followed by a full review until 5:30 PM/6PM.
After that we would like the fleet to adjourn to a restaurant for a social time/dinner. The last two years these social get together's has been a great time for everyone to get to know each other from the different fleets and areas and everyone has really enjoyed them. They really add a good dimension to the weekend.
On the Friday the 21st the fleet will be videotaped racing in the practice races with a review of the videotape afterwards followed by a fleet social time/dinner. Andrew Kerr will be available for the four day's to answer any questions from individuals and teams about there S 20 sailing.

Lets see as many of you as possible come to Sarasota for a great time, it's the perfect winter escape!
For information on the regatta check the Sarasota Sailing squadron's website at: www.

Also, the WD Schock Corp can be e mailed at : for information. The class website will also have details and updates on the regatta.


Two weeks after the the Eastern Regionals was Folsom lake's annual Camellia Cup regatta.
The Camellia Cup is hosted by S 20 class Fleet # 12 and the Folsom Lake YC and is a marvelous regatta to attend. This years event featured a class sponsored seminar that was lead by Andrew Kerr and attracted virtually all of the fleet in attendance for the regatta.
This was "Disaster Area's " ( Chris Winnard/Andrew Kerr) third trip to the Camellia Cup, ( we did the '97 and 2000 events) and we encourage everyone to attend and support fleet 12 who later on sent 6 of their fleet up to Eugene for Eugene YC's Memorial Day regatta.
This fleet spirit of supporting events and reciprocity of attending other fleets events is truly the basis of a successful class and no one demonstrates this better than the Sacramento group who are lead by fleet # 12 members Ken & Kris Cardwell , Charles Witcher ,( Charles is the class measurer), Sharon Hart , Charlie Hess and Barbera and Todd Craig. This group really spearheads the fleet to participate and creates great enthusiasm. We need more of them around!

The Camellia Cup is a very friendly, social event that features tight and competitive sailing for the class. This year the regatta was won on a tiebreaker by the team of Charles Witcher, Sharon Hart and Charlie Hess on "Aggressive Tendencies" who also captured the District Championships. 2nd was "Disaster Area" with Chris Winnard, ( Seattle), Andrew Kerr , ( San Diego) and Robert Brooks (San Francisco) , 3rd was "Moon" - Ken & Kris Cardwell and Austin Quilty. Notable was the great sailing of Todd and Barbara Craig on "Orca," ( Fleet #12 class secretary) who lead the regatta after the first day.
The Camellia Cup in 2003 is set for the weekend of April 5th/6th -- lets hitch up our trailers and support this event and fleet.

  After the Camellia Cup was the SW regional championships in Tulsa, Oklahoma hosted by fleet 37.

Class President Adam Kline participated in this annual event and lead a clinic on foredeck work prior to the regatta. Britt Williams and his team of Ron and Marlene Carnahan on "Fayest" won the regatta which featured great sailing for the class and great hospitality.

Next years SW regionals are yet to be determined date and location wise but it is sure to be a good event for the SW region and all class members are encouraged to attend and support the SW region.

From the SW regionals it was to the annual SOCKS regatta in Seattle in the middle of May. " SOCKS" stands for "Seattle One design and Keelboat series" and has attracted good turn outs of S20's since '97. Seattle YC runs a great regatta -- as many races as possible, a top race committee and hosts a great dinner at the Seattle YC, ( downtown Seattle) on the Saturday night.
This year event featured fleets from Washington, Canada and Oregon and was won by Chris Winnard and his team on "Disaster Area," 2nd was Doug Smith and his team of Nicholi Lenn and Johnny Lee Ward on"One eyed Jaque" from Eugene YC.

Doug and his team have enjoyed the regatta so much that as long as they can they are going to sail the SOCKS regatta every year as a team ! That says a lot about the event, it's an excellent one.

Notable at this event was Leeanne Fish, ( Eugene YC) steering "Cheap Thrills" ( her husband Ron normally helms and wasn't on board at SOCKS) skippering in her first major S 20 regatta -- she did a great job and everyone in the class had an enjoyable time. The date for the SOCKS regatta in 2003 is May 17th & 18th.
Since '97 this event has become an integral part of the NW S 20 circuit.

The week after the SOCKS regatta was Eugene YC's Memorial Day regatta on fernridge reservoir. Our local S 20 hosts for this regatta are fleet # 19 who do a great job of making all visitors very welcome. Two years ago, ( last year was lost to a drought) we had 29 boats on the line and this year we still fielded and excellent field of 24 boats from Washington, Canada, Sacramento and Oregon.
One of the many great things about this event is the member participation and spirit of volunteerism -- club members cook the breakfasts, prepare the lunches and serve dinners.
Hector and Sue Rosado, ( the owners of "Cool Cat") along with fleet # 19 and EYC Members prepared a terrific salmon dinner for all of the regatta participants. Hector and Sue have long been big supporters of the class and fleet and on behalf of the class we thank them for all of their efforts.
On "Disaster Area" we have loved going to this event over the years, everyone is really friendly, you can camp, bring your RV or sleep on a boat and all the meals are right there. After dinner it is a perfect place to hang around and socialize with other sailors around the bonfire.

The sailing featured 4 races in light air with some very tight competition. Winning the regatta was the team on "Disaster Area" - Chris Winnard, Andrew Kerr and Bill Ramacciotti. 2nd was Craig Lee and his team on # 567 from Folsom Lake YC, 3rd was Paul Stephen's and his team of Bruce Nash and Drew Bauman on "Aquilia." As noted before, Folsom Lake fleet # 12 brought 6 boats to the regatta -- fantastic!

Eugene YC's Memorial Day regatta in 2003 is set for May 24th & 25th and is the venue for the class Western regional championships. Lets try for 30 plus boats, ( there was 29 in the 2000 regatta) and support fleet # 19.

  The weekend after Memorial Day was Cal Yc's Cal race Week regatta. This regatta has attracted a good fleet the last couple of years and has become a good part of the West coast schedule. Cal YC has hosted numerous World class events and they run race week with a good degree of professionalism.

The class enjoyed tight sailing with Bruce Golison and his "Mini Me' team winning overall with Gordon Wanlass and his team of Mike Sentovich and Ryan Millett on "Gremlin" in 2nd and a very close 3rd was fleet 1 captain Tucker Strasser on "Stink Bug'" with Chris Winnard from Seattle in the middle and regular crew Laura Corbett on the foredeck.

Cal Race week is scheduled for May 31st and June 1st in 2003 and class members are encouraged to support this event and Marina Del rey's fleet # 1.

Three weeks after Cal Race week was North sails race week, ( Run by class President Bruce Golison) which attracts the very best sailing talent from all over the country. This is a top notch event with world class sailors in attendance in a multitude of classes.

The S 20 class featured 12 boats and we are determined to increase that turn out to 20 plus in the future. Class president Bruce Golison has offered the class a multitude of incentives to attend and the class should support this high visibility event with strong numbers.
Race week this year was won by the team on "Altitude sickness" - Payson & Phillip Infelise and Jon Bell from ABYC. 2nd was the Hart/Witcher/ Hess team from Folsom Lake YC, 3rd was fellow Folsom Lake YC sailors Ken & Kris Cardwell and Austin Quilty on " Moon."
The fleet had a great weekend of racing and again, the Sacramento/ Folsom Lake group lead the charge in supporting an event as a fleet.
The North sails Race Week for the S20's is scheduled for June 28th & 29th in 2003, lets support this regatta and Long Beach fleet # 13.

Long Beach is the venue of the 2004 Nationals so here is an ideal time to get your team some time sailing at this World class venue and event. Go to www.premiere-racing .com for more information on the event and stay tuned to the class website and newsletter as well for more updates.

  After North sails race week was the annual Firecracker regatta was held at Klamath YC in Klamath Falls, Oregon.
This was the venue for the '89 and 2001 Nationals and KYC does a very nice job of providing a fun regatta for the S 20 class. 14 S20's raced this regatta which was won by Chris Winnard and his team of Andrew Kerr and Laura Corbit on "Disaster Area,(DA). Laura came up from LA to sail on DA as she is the regular foredeck crew on Tucker Strassers S 20 "Stink Bug" in Marina Del Rey.
2nd was long time S 20 class supporter and sailor - Mike Sherlock with his team of Sean and Ryan Sherlock on "Bob." Sean and Ryan are Mike's son's and team Sherlock have been sailing together a lot this year and were preparing for the Thistle class Nationals to be held at the Eugene YC later that month as well as future S 20 class events.

3rd in the regatta was another long time S 20 class supporter and sailor - Ross Cooley, ( the chairman of the 2001 Nationals in Klamath falls) and his team of Laura Zane and Rick Gilstrap on "Joreanne" from the Eugene YC.

The Firecracker regatta is a very fun event and has become a fixture on the NW circuit and is an event to look forward to on the calendar. It is scheduled for July 5th & 6 Th. in 2003.

After the firecracker regatta was the High Sierra/S20 Western regionals in Huntington Lake. This event was hosted by Sacramento Fleet 12 & San Joaquin Valley fleet # 5 who will also be hosting the 2003 Nationals next July.

This a beautiful venue -- tall trees, hot springs, clean and clear water and breathtaking views from everywhere! It's a great place to bring family & friends to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

The class Western Regionals was run in conjunction with the High Sierra regatta with the exception that the 20's sailed on the Friday as well. The Hart / Wicher / Hess team posted two bullets to lead the regatta overall after day one. At the conclusion of racing on the Sunday Bruce Golison and the "Mini Me" team emerged as the new Western Regional Champions with Charlie Ogletree's "Cal Trans" team 2nd and the Hart/Witcher/ Hess team a very close 3rd with the Cardwells/ Quilty team on " Moon" in 4th.

It was a terrific regatta and we are all looking forward to the Nationals and High Sierra regatta in 2003. The dates for the Nationals are July 14th through the 18th. The class is also exploring the possibility that teams can race the prior weekend, ( July 12th/13th) at the High Sierra regatta.

On the Monday the 14th of July the class is sponsoring an on the water seminar for current class members, ( at no cost to the participants) which will be lead by Andrew Kerr with the assistance of other coaches.
Their will be a shoreside talk and then numerous starts and drills on the water which will be videotaped and reviewed afterward at the debriefing and social event. This will be a great way to get your team tuned up for the Nationals so don't miss out! We are shooting for 40 to 45 boats at the Nationals!

  The next regatta on the schedule was Triton YC's (Eugene) Emerald Cup on fernridge reservoir. This regatta featured 9 S20's and some great sailing and socializing for all of the competitors. Ron & Leeanee Fish and Rick Gilstrap on "Giddyup" won the regatta with Paul Stephen's and his team of Bruce Nash and
Drew Bauman on "Aquila" 2nd.
The Triton YC does a very nice job of running a great regatta that is fun for all the family. On the Saturday night there is a very pleasant dinner at Richardson park at fernridge reservoir with a great raffle and lots of camaraderie by the campfire.

Over the years the Emerald Cup has built up a loyal following and the Triton YC and fleet # 19 welcomes all S 20 sailors to the event.
Dates for next year have not been set but stay tuned to the Triton YC website at for an announcement.

We are looking to increase the turn out in 2003 as in past years we have been able to field 15 to 20 or more boats. The Emerald Cup is a very good event on the NW circuit and Fernridge and Eugene is a perfect place for a family vacation.

The National championships followed at the beginning of August attracting 29 teams from California, Canada, Oklahoma, Colorado, Oregon, Arizona and Utah.

Notable road warriors were Britt Williams and his team of Ron & Marlene Carnahan from Tulsa, OK. and Rob Avery and his team of Sam Vagan and Chris Nesbitt (San Diego) from Canada.
Two teams came from Eugene, Oregon, ( Eugene YC, Fleet #19) - Ron Fish and his team of Leeanne Fish and Glen Hughs and Mark Forrest and his team of Bruce Nash, Summer Bauman and Andrew Bauman.
Fellow British expatriate Tim Dunton and his team of Jeff story and Fred Gohl also made the trip from Colorado. Congratulations to these teams on their effort to support the regatta.
Del Rey YC ran a top class event both on the water and off the water. The racing was tight off Venice Pier and there was great sailing in all areas of the fleet. Chris Winnard, Andrew Kerr and Bill Ramacciotti on "Disaster Area" won the championships posting 6 first places finishes and a 4th. For team DA it was the 4th win of the Nationals.
2nd in the Championships was the team on "Cal Trans" - Charlie Ogletree, Mark Hallman and John Papadopolous who were followed in 3rd by the team on "Mini Me" - Bruce Golison and Steve and Stevie Washburn.
Notable at this event was the youth movement that is alive and well in the class. Long beach sailors Payson Infelise and Jon Bell with Payson's Dad Phillip were 4th overall and the team of Del Rey YC juniors - Greg Helias, Andy Dipple and Austin Rogers were 5th overall. Chris Wright, ( Mission bay YC) sailing with his dad Dave and boat owner Bill Nicholls placed 7th and Carson Reynolds , ( Balboa YC) and his team of Jamie De Wolfe and Greg Worthing were 11th. These young sailors really bring a lot of energy to the class and it bodes well for the class's future that they are sailing with us.
Tucker Strasser, the fleet Captain of Fleet # 1 put a tremendous amount of hard work in to make this regatta happen and the class would like to say a big thank you to him and the Del Rey YC and their race committee and all the volunteers who made us all feel very welcome.
  At the prizegiving after the regatta, Past president Adam Kline was recognized for all his hard work over the years for the class and Roberto Cordero of fleet # 1 was awarded the Kerr perpetual trophy for his outstanding contributions to the class for his excellent work with the class website.
After this great event we are all looking forward to the Huntington Lake Nationals and to renewing friendships with other class members and to making new ones -- the true reward of attending the Nationals.

The weekend after the Nationals was fleet # 7's ocean regatta out of Mission Bay YC. This two day regatta features great sailing on the ocean, ( the venue for the '97 Nationals) and a fun Hawaiian party on the Saturday night. Mission bay YC is a very friendly and hospitable place and the 20 fleet under their is very active and regularly fields 8 to 10 boats for the weekly TNT races. Fleet Captain Rick Denney and fleet members Peter Hunter and Ellen Schmidt are very pro active in promoting the class and the boat at Mission Bay.

Dr. Bill Nicholls, the owner of "Puffin," resides in Salt Lake City, Utah but keeps his boat at Mission Bay - testimony to the fleet there!

The regatta was won by Peter Hunter with his team of Rachel Sandmann and David Hochard on # 914 . Peter's wife Nikki is also very active with supporting the fleet and helping with race committee. 2nd was Chris Winnard and his team of Mike Ford and Brian Janney on DA.
The fleet looks forward to seeing more 20 sailors at next years regatta -- it's a great time! For more info on the regatta go to the Fleet # 7 website at

  The weekend after Labor Day was Eugene YC's annual Harvest Day regatta. Like the Memorial Day regatta, Eugene and fleet # 19 puts on a splendid time with breakfasts and dinners cooked at the club and some great sailing. This year the wind stayed away so only two races were sailed but as usual the Eugene YC put on a great show with it's customary friendly and comfortable atmosphere and beautiful surroundings.

The regatta was won by Paul Stephen's and his team of Bruce Nash , Mark Forrest ,( the owner of "Radost"- he did the foredeck on the Saturday) and Drew Bauman on "Aquilia." 15 boats raced in this years regatta.

This event is another great trip on the NW traveling circuit and typically attracts a very good size 15 to 20 plus boat S 20 fleet. The event in 2003 is scheduled for September 6th & 7th.

At the beginning of October the action switched to Atlanta's Lake Lanier where S 20 fleet #26 helps host the Barefoot open regatta. Eastern Regional Director Edith Collins and Fleet captain Allan Shedd spearhead this regatta that attracts boats from all over the South and east.
The regatta featured 5 races that were hotly contested!

Fleet # 26 also welcomed two new fleet members - Leonard Flanagan and Leonard Whitman who were neck and neck in a number of the races and they and their crews really enjoyed sailing the boat.
On the Saturday night the fleet gathered at a local lakeside restaurant and had a great time. These social gatherings are really fun and excellent for building fleet camaraderie and building the fleet.
Ace Roberts from Huntsville, AL was registered. His crew (also his son) works for NASA and thus the postponement of the shuttle launch caused a scheduling conflict and thus he was not able to attend.
By Race # 5 Alan Shedd's team and Edith Collins team were tied overall, Alan having won a race and Edith having won two races. Frank Atkinson and his team had also won a race and was right in the thick of the competition. Alan and his team of Stu Kelley and Wes Mcann team were able to win the last race and thus the regatta with Edith and her team on "Swampfox" 2nd overall.

The fleet is excited about gaining numbers and new fleet members. Everyone is invited to bring their S 20 and come and sail with Fleet #26 on Lake Lanier and we look forward to the Barefoot Open which should be very similar dates in October of 2003.

  Later on in October the action was to be on south San Diego Bay at Coronado YC's fall one design regatta. For those who have not sailed on South San Diego Bay, ( the venue of the '83 and '92 Nationals) it is not to be missed !
Flat water, steady winds and views of the Coronado bay bridge make this a marvelous setting for S 20 sailing !
Circumstances precluded the class fielding a fleet this year but we are looking to support this event in the future. Coronado YC does a great job of running a great weekend's racing that we have enjoyed for many years.

Coronado YC also runs a a great small boat one design regatta in the spring, ( April) and summer, ( June) . For more info go to Coronado YC's website at

In addition, South San Diego Bay is the venue for the small boat classes competing in the San Diego NOOD regatta which is hosted by the San Diego YC in March.
For more info on the event go to sailing World's website at: and the San Diego YC's website at:

The class is looking into the possibility of fielding a fleet in the 2003 NOOD regatta as we did in the 2000 event as the regatta attracts National media exposure.
Over Columbus Day weekend the Yaquina Bay YC, ( Newport, Oregon) holds it's annual Columbus Day regatta. This was the venue for Eugene's fleet # 19 championships which saw 9 S 20's competing. The wind was good for most of the races and featured very close racing.
Yaquina Bay presents great challenges to competitors with currents and crab pots for the unwary, it invariably produces a good test for the fleet and has gained a loyal following over the years with some great sailing.
The class started off the event with a beach gathering by the camp fire on the Friday night. This get together was enjoyed by all and the hope is to continue this as an annual tradition.
Gordon Mattatall and his team on "H20 Boa" led the regatta after the first day until Paul Stephen's and his team on "Aquila" won both races on the Sunday and Ron Fish and his team on "Giddyup" finished between "Aquila" and "H2OBoa" in the last race.
At the end of racing "Aquila" won the regatta with 11 points, "H2O Boa " was 2nd with 12 points and 3rd was the "Giddyup" team with 23 points. Everyone in the class enjoyed a great weekend of sailing and socializing.

  Toward the end of the year, ( November/December) is San Diego Yacht Club's 3 race hot Rum series. The Hot Rum is every two weeks on a Sunday and is a pursuit race with your start time based on the rating. Over 150 boats have raced in this series and they all very often finish very close together! From the S20's to "Stars and Stripes" and everything in between!
Chris Winnard , Andrew Kerr, Jorge Heguilor and Simon Smith on "Disaster Area" won the overall Hot Rum series, ( class & Fleet) in '97 and Bruce Golison and Steve and Stevie Washburn on "Mini Me" won their class and were 5th overall in the fleet of 2001 !

It's great for the 20's to do this series as it gives good visibility for the class. No results available at time of writing but good luck to all the S 20's in this series and put it on your teams calendar for 2003 ! For more information go to SDYC's website at

Another event to support in 2003 is the WD Schock Invitational regatta in San Francisco.

This event is open to all Schock Designs and features two day's of great racing on the bay and fun social events. We are looking to increase the turn out for this event and the event date will be announced in the spring time.

It's been a great year for the class and we are looking forward to an even better one in 2003 ! Please don't hesitate to get involved to help in any way so we can make this the best class that it can be!