SCYA Midwinters 2002

By Andrew Kerr




The 73rd annual SCYA midwinters were held all over Southern California the weekend of February 16th & 17th. Balboa YC hosted the Santana 20 class and four races were completed over the course of the weekend in a variety of wind and sea conditions. 11 S20's competed, representing fleets from Newport, Marina Del Rey, San Diego and Long Beach.

The first day of the regatta saw the wind out of 190 degrees with an overcast sky and patches of blue. Wind velocity ranged in the 4 to 9 knots level with short chop mixed with the occasional swell. Some patches of kelp were seen on the left side of the course and a wary eye and a good kelp stick was in good order.


Race one saw the fleet off to a very competitive start with the individual recall flag hoisted with 4 boats apparently caught over early. The "Mini Me' team of Bruce Golison/ Steve Washburn / Stevie Washburn thought they had cleared themselves but unfortunately were scored OCS for this race after crossing the line in 2nd place behind Charlie Ogletree/ John Papadopoulos/BradySih / Lulu Sih who won the race by a good margin - the latter two of Charlie's crew being recruited that morning and who turned out to be former Olympic 470 sailors sailing for Hong Kong! Rick Harris team finished 3rd after a long battle with Bruce's team and Jim Jackman with his team of Ross Nemeroff and Trevor Gurley sailed a solid race to finish 4th. Special mention for this day should be made of Doug Whittaker/Adam Kline who were

gamely doublehanding, Adam must have been exhausted by the end of the day! Carson Reynolds joined this team on the Sunday.


Race two saw similar conditions -- middle crews were actively balancing the boats in the puffs and lulls while sailing into the breeze lines was key. After a tight battle the team of Rick Harris / Andrew Kerr/Rick Denney took the lead at the top of the last windward leg by getting a right shift and a shaft of velocity from the top right. This team went on to win the race followed by Charlie Ogletree's team and Bruce Golison's team. Gordon Wanlass and his team of Ryan Millet and Mike Sentovich were pushing hard all the way around the course and ended up 4th.  One team that was impressive at the corners and showing good boathandling was Tony Long's team on "Dragonflight". This team passed boats at the windward and leeward marks with some great moves.


Race number 3 started with the race committee end of the line favored and a crowd battling for this end. Bruce Golison's team rounded in 1st with Rick Harris team in hot pursuit. Places changed through out the race with Bruce and team going on to win the race, Charlie Ogletree managed to edge out Gordon Wanlass right at the end and secure a two point lead over Rick Harris team going in to day two.


Day two saw rain in the morning and a light westerly breeze. After a 45 minute postponement at the dock the fleet was towed out to the starting area as a light breeze filled in of about 5 knots from about 260 degrees. The start was again a hard fought battle and the leg was a fairly long one as the breeze faded. The race committee decided to shorten the course as the wind died to zero and crews looked at limp spinnakers on the downwind leg. Just prior to the finish a 15 knot westerly filled in and the boats almost surfed to the downwind finish! Charlie Ogletree's team won the race and regatta followed by Rick Harris and team who were also 2nd for the series.


Carson Reynolds made a guest appearance on Doug Whittakers boat and steered this team to a 4th in this race just behind Gordon Wanlass who was 3rd in both the race and the series.


Jim Jackman had sportingly doublehanded this day as one of his crew could not make it, it was great to see the efforts of the shorthanded teams. It was great to see some new faces in the class - David Oborn and his team of Lisa Oborn and Larry Reding on "Energy" and Scott Mc Kenney and his team of Larry Anderschock and John Lafferty on "BloodHound" from Marina Del Rey. We look forward to seeing them at future regatta's and welcome them along with all others to come and join in on the fun of racing the S 20. Thanks to Balboa YC and the race committee and all of the volunteers for making it a great weekend for the class.



Final results - 4 races, no throw outs.

1st - Charlie Ogletree/ John Papadopoulos/ Brady Sih/ Lulu Sih (Saturday) /Tony Stuart - 6 points.

2nd - Rick Harris/ Andrew Kerr/ Rick Denney - 9 points.

3rd - Gordon Wanlass/ Ryan Millett/ Mike Sentovich - 13 points.

4th - Tucker strasser/ Kim Moore/ Laura Corbit - 23 points.

5th - Bruce Golison/ Steve Washburn/ Stevie Washburn - 26 points.

6th - David Oborn/ Lisa Oborn/ Larry Reding - 29 points.

7th - Jim Jackman / Ross Nemerhoff/ Trevor Gurley - 30 points.

8th - Doug Whittaker/ Adam Kline/ Carson Reynolds (Sunday) - 32 points.

9th - Tony Long / Tom Schilling / Cheryl Baduini / Brett Hemphill (Sunday) - 32 points.

10th - Jeff Keenan/ Carol Bennssi/ Dennis Holland - 33 points.

11th - Scott Mckenney/ Larry Anderschock/ John Lafferty - 34 points.