Minutes of Year 2000 Annual Meeting

Roll Call: Representatives of the following fleets were present: 1,2,5, 7,10,12, 13,16,17,19,28,30,35

Minutes from previous annual meeting were accepted as printed in the newsletter.

Secretary reported 172 members. He also had 2 dozen videos and 10 "Technicalities" in inventory for sale.

Chief Measurer - Mark Fortier - Appreciated help with the sail measuring. Measurer's Ruling: the board disallows changing of standing rigging material. They caution that if a class member wants to change something, they should approach the board and the chief measurer before changing to avoid the cost and controversy of changing back.

Treasurer reported $12,000 in savings. Current year receipts came from dues, royalty tags and sale of "Technicalities" and videos. Costs included the Internet site, publication of the newsletter and publication of the yearbook.

President, Scott Newcomb, reported the following: 
Class desire to promote seminars: The board has authorized the class to advance up to $300 per fleet for seminars. The requirement is that everyone participating must be a class member. Andrew Kerr was recognized and commended for his unbounded commitment to the class with professional and exceptional quality clinics.

Concerning Measurement Questions: a Rules Committee has now been established to consider boat and measurement changes. Members are Paul Stephens (s20aquila@aol.com/541-686-5041.) Mark Fortier (541-484-0032) Charles Witcher (hartsail@jps.net, 916-456-6388). If you have any questions or concerns, please approach a member of this committee.

Andrew Kerr and Chris Winnard are updating the "Technicalities" booklet, the rules, bylaws and measurer's rulings.

No charters granted or revoked. Long Beach, fleet 13, is being reactivated after many years of dormancy. Philip Infelise reported that they currently have 4 active boats and are quite interested in hosting future regattas. He also reflected upon class promotion. He would like to see a formalized program to bring youth into the class, such as using class funds to encourage young people to sail in Santana 20's with, for example, Junior Regattas.

Old Business: Ratification of governing board ruling to waive the 3 regatta requirement. After some discussion, it became obvious that the issue was more complex, and needed more thought. The decision was tabled and assigned to the new rules committee for more complete consideration.

New Business: Bruce Golison spoke in gratitude of the Santana 20 participation in the invitational Golison Long Beach Regatta. He invites the class back again in June 2000.

Questions about Class C Racing and advertising. Should advertising be allowed? A differentiation was made between individual and event sponsorship. Everyone agreed that event sponsorship is accepted and encouraged. The question of individual sponsorship is troubling to some. The rules committee will consider this issue in more depth and report back to the class.

Bruce Golison would like to see each fleet propose a major regatta for their area. This list of regattas should be posted. Boats are then encouraged to travel and participate.

Jim Jackman noticed the large number of inactive fleets. He felt that the governing body should follow the bylaws and revoke the charters of inactive fleets.

There is a new webmaster: Roberto Cordero, who has assumed the responsibilities from Jeff Kerr. A big congratulations and thank you to Jeff Kerr for establishing and maintaining the web site for several years. We look forward to Roberto's continuing excellence in design and maintenance.

Election of officers: the following slate was proposed, seconded and passed: President: Adam Kline, Vice President: Ross Cooley, Secretary: John Franklin, Treasurer: Lance Purdy, Class Measurer: Mark Fortier.

Tucker Strasser made a presentation for the 2002 Class Championships to be sponsored by Fleet 1, Del Rey and Santa Monica Windjammers Yacht Clubs. Philip Infelise followed by requesting a Long Beach venue, commenting that there are strong breezes all summer long in that area. After much discussion, it was moved and passed to accept the ocean venue of Marina del Ray in 2002, the lake venue of Huntington Lake in 2003 and the ocean venue of Long Beach in 2004.

Tom Schock reported that the East Coast is gaining interest and momentum. Sarasota Florida is going to be the site of the 2001 Schock Regatta East. He's hoping to draw interest from the Midwest and Chicago as well as the whole eastern seaboard.

Tom Schock reflected upon the need for the class championships to be run by fleets which are established and growing. The number of fleets which have run a championships then faded into oblivion is disturbingly large. He would like to see a way to support fleets running the championships so that it turns into a growing event rather than a depleting and self destructing event. 

--Move was made and passed to adjourn.