North Sails Golison Race Long Beach

June 23, 2000, Friday

17 boats were registered and Southern California, Northern California, Oregon and Colorado fleets were represented. First race on Friday June 23 was inside the breakwater so the ocean swells were not an issue. The winds were light but steady. A total of 165 boats participated in the Golison/Golison event and includes sailors like Buddy Melges, Katie Petitbone,  Jeff Madrigali, John Cutler,  Dee Smith,  Robbie Haines,  Vince Brun, Dave Ullman, Brian Porter. In the Santana fleet, our top hitters Chris Winnard/Andrew Kerr were here as well. This is the first year that Santana 20's have been invited to this prestigious event. It was quite a sight to see close to a couple of hundred boats head back to dock at the same time with big Farr 40's and Schock 40's squeezing by the narrow channel next to many small Santana 20's.

Winners after 1 race:

1. Rick Harris - Bustin Loose

2. Gordon Wanlass - Gremlin

3. Altitude Sickness - Winnard/Infelise/Kerr

June 24, 2000, Saturday

Stronger winds were reported this Saturday. This race was held out in the ocean and some have indicated overpowering conditions and choppy water later in the day. Altitude Sickness finishes out the day with the lead with Gremlin just a single point behind.

Winners after 3 total races:

1. Altitude Sickness - Winnard/Infelise/Kerr

2. Gordon Wanlass - Gremlin

3. Rick Harris - Bustin Loose


June 25, 2000, Sunday

Shifty medium velocity winds were present in this inside-the-breakwater race on Sunday. It was a tight race with the leading boat (Winnard/Infelise/Kerr) entering the last race thinking they were in a secure position. Then the positions switched drastically in the last race and Altitude Sickness's lead was put at risk. Congratulations to the winners!

Final Results:

1. Altitude Sickness - Winnard/Infelise/Kerr (17 Points)

2. Gordon Wanlass - Gremlin (17 Points)

3. Rick Harris - Bustin Loose (18 Points)

4. Sea Bear - Lance Purdy (25 Points)

5. Quitcherbitchin - Adam Kline/Paul Stephens (29 Points)

6. En Fuego - Carson Reynolds (32 Points)

7. Circus Circus - Charles Fuller

8. Chimps in Orbit - Steve Quant

9. Twilight Zone - Fred Stevens

10. Mighty Mouse - Jim Jackman

11. Grendl - Orosz/Thorson

12. Stink Bug - Tucker Strasser/Farnsworth

13. No Name - Kilgore/Brownell

14. Rain Dance - Jeff Keenan

15. AKA Todd Craig (DNC)

16. mOOn - Ken Cardwell (DNC)

17. Hot Rod - Mark Fortier (DNC)


Post Race Pictures



The Winning Team: Winnard/Infelise/Kerr on Altitude Sickness



Sea Bear (Lance Purdy and Crew)



Bustin Loose (Rick Harris and Crew)


Grendl (Steve Orosz and Carla Thorson) in Foreground


Stink Bug (Tucker Strasser and Gwen)


Circus Circus Crew (Leslie Braznell and Rebecca Mikesell)


Quitcherbitchin (Adam Kline)


First race for Rain Dance


Quitcherbitchin - Adam Kline and Paul Stephens