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1999 Class Championships Miscellaneous Information

We have 32 paid boats for the 1999 Class Championships to date!

You don't want to miss this one.

Bow							Sail
Number 	Name			Number		Boat Name


Purdy, Lance


 Sea Bear


Rapier, David


 Black Magic


Wolf, Fred




Keesling, Jim


 Dog House


Newcomb, Scott


 Papa's Legacy


Heismann, Dan


 Psycho Duck


Schirtz, Terry




Hoover, Dave


 House Arrest


Lindsay, Guy




Bybee, Vern




Williams, Britt


 Rt. 66


Vircks, Kurt


Slippery When Wet


Stevens, Paul




Volk, W.T.


 Slow Close


Nichols, Bill




Carollo, James




Biron, Bob


 Wet Kiss


Wilson, Travis


 Head First


Kerr, Jeff




Koentges, Patrick




Fuller, Charles




Garvey, Glenn




Wanlass, Gordon




McCleery, Raymond


 A Fine Pickle


Zaun, Geoffrey




Musa, John




Blundy, Robert


 Electric Lady


Schock, Tom


Still Wet


Fish, Ron




Winnard, Chris


 Disaster Area


Taylor, Ralph




 Witcher, Charles


 Aggressive Tendencies

September 7 thru 10, 1999*

1999 Santana 20 National Championships,

Alcova Reservoir , WY.

Sponsored by Rocky Mountain Fleet 28 and Casper Boat Club.

Warm temps, Clear Water and Wind.

Private Yacht Club, Free Camping Facilities, Free Boat Slips, Private Beach and Playground.


1999 Class Championships Miscellaneous Information


Motel Info

Super 8 Motel has saved 9 rooms for us under Patrick Koentges name at $42.00 per night.

Holiday Inn has also, said that they would give us a deal at $55.00 a night.

Tell them your are with the Santana 20 national regatta.


RV Info

Still can get RV's by calling Dave Hoover at 303-986-6286

There are no hookups for the RV's at the camping area.

Fires are not allowed in the Casper Boat Club area.

Can cook with outside grills if desired.



Minor supplies can be acquired from a small store about a couple of minutes away from the Casper Boat Club.

Otherwise you need to go to Casper which is only 30 minutes away.


Full Service Restaurant

The Casper Boat Club. has a full service Restaurant which serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The restaurant opens at 7:00 am and closes sometime around midnight.

Breakfast runs about $5.00, Lunch runs about $6.00 and will be sack lunches made to order so you can take them with you to the races.

Dinner will be $10.00 -$15.00 depending on what you order.

Most of Fleet 28 plans on eating all their meals there.

Again we will be the only group there at this time so it should be a great time to share stories.



There will be a parts trailer on site if parts are needed to be purchased.



If at all possible please have your fleet measurer measure your boats and sails prior to coming. If this cannot be done we will do the measurements on Monday 9/6/99.


Regatta Chairman: Patrick Koentges 303-238-6123

*Plan on the September 11th as make-up race day.


Webmaster (in training) Gus Heismann S20 625 "Psycho Duck" gheismann@hotmail.com

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