Thursday Morning, September 9, 1999 - Casper Boat Club - Alcova Reservoir, Wyoming

President Jeff Kerr called the meeting to order.

Roll Call of Fleets was held. A quorum was present. (11 of 14 active fleets were represented). We felt especially honored that Fleet 23 from Mexico City sent a boat for the second year in a row.

President's report: There are currently 176 paid members of the class, which represents growth over a year ago. The newsletter, after a brief hiatus has been re-established by team Fuller/Mikesell. The web page is ever-evolving into better and better format, thanks to web master Jeff Kerr.

Vice President's Report (Scott Nwcomb): Thanked us all for coming. Appreciation for all the work done to make the regatta possible. Pray for wind!

Treasurer's Report (David Rapier):

Account Balances:

Savings: $7,842

Checking: $2,095

1998-99 Income and Expense Overview:

Revenues came 95% from Membership Dues, 5% from Royalty Tag Sales, Technicality sales, Advertising and other miscellaneous.

Expenditures - $1,400 for the yearbook, $516 - web site, $675 Sailing World Ad, $800 - newsletter then other miscellaneous items. The treasurer questioned how membership felt about payments for the Sailing World ad and US Sailing membership. The class voted to continue the Sailing World ad and US Sailing dues, since it was deemed to provide excellent promotion and other services - besides feeling that class support of US Sailing is important.

The treasurer then reminded the class that the savings account has not been touched in several years. It is available for fleets or growing areas to use for class promotion. Any area can request from the board up to $300 to put on an event as long as it is made in writing at least 60 days prior to the event. This would include things like putting on a Santana 20 regatta or clinic. Andrew Kerr (class member, championship team member and nationally renowned sailing instructor) has put on numerous clinics across the nation for Santana 20 fleets. We are all encouraged to incorporate him into future events, and to think of other ways to utilize these funds available for promotional use.

Ron Fish questioned the dues structure. It was felt that they should be modified to specify that an associate member who skippers should pay the full $25 regular membership dues. The $15 affiliate dues should be reserved for people such as crew, who would then receive the newsletter. Since the dues structure is a By-Laws item, it needs to be changed by class vote. It was determined that this item should be voted upon at the next annual meeting.

Measurer's Report: (Mark Fortier):

Mark reiterated the need to be more explicit in the NOR of the required items to be on the competitors' boats at championship regattas. While a reference to the By-Laws technically covers the requirement, it would reduce confusion if it is itemized in the notice. He also reminded participants that the measurement certificate should be on the boat. If any adjustments are to be made on that particular boat, for example weight added to make floatation, then this information should be added to the certificate, so future measurers know.

In resolution of questions from a year ago, the Class Measurer made a ruling on the diameter of transom radius. This will be added to the 1999-2000 yearbook.

Other Items of Business:

No Charters granted or revoked in 1998.

Jeff Kerr did a genuinely generous task for the class. He went through the yearbook in excruciating detail and located all the conflicting or redundant items and phrases and proposed modifications to correct and simplify. None of these items were Article or Bylaw changes, so they did not require vote by membership. The board previously met to authorize the changes. Jeff briefly presented them to the membership at this time. An itemization of these changes are listed separately.

Unfinished Business: In 1998 it was proposed that if a sail has been measured twice before (exhibited by official stamps on the sails) in previous class championships, this would be deemed to make them legal for the current championships with no additional measurement. This was now voted upon, and passed.

New Business:

Eligibility in Class Championships:

In order to be eligible to skipper, a person has to have sailed in 3 regattas or series other than fleet, district or regional championships during the 12 months prior to the Class Championships. This By-Law was established to prevent a sailor to jump into the class for just this one regatta. The idea is to encourage sailors to provide long term support to the class. This encourages them to sail all year long, and not just in one regatta. Additionally, it is thought it will deter a person totally new to racing, who has never raced before, from skippering and providing potential liability and injury to other boats or people.

This requirement can be waived by a vote from the board. However, to clarify the bylaws, it was proposed to change the wording to specify that a waiver can be provided by the board (and only the board) with a 30 day written request.

This change to the wording of the by-laws will be voted upon at the 2000 membership meeting.

Future regattas:

The Santana 20 class has been honored with an invitation to join the North Sails Race Week held in Long Beach, California June 23-25, 2000. This is a definite honor and we encourage all sailors to put this event on next year's racing calendar. More information will be forthcoming.

Year 2000 Class Championships: Gordon Wanlass encourages us all to meet again next year in Newport Beach, California. The event will be hosted by Fleet 2 and the Balboa Yacht Club. They will start August 14, 2000. Some guest housing will be provided on a first come first served basis, so get your requests in early! We are looking at ocean racing with waves and winds averaging 10 knots. The Commodore sails regularly on a 20, so we know our interests will be taken care of!

Year 2001 Class Championships: Rebecca Mikesell requested that Fleet 19 and Eugene, Oregon host the 2001 championships. Accepted.

New Business:

Andrew Kerr: proposed year 2000 Western Regionals be held in conjunction with S.O.C.K.S. regatta held at Shilshole Harbor, Seattle, Washington May 13-14, 2000. Out of area participants could then store their boats at Eugene Yacht Club and attend its Memorial Day Regatta 2 weekends later. Accepted.

Election of Officers:

President Scott Newcomb

V Pres Adam Kline

Secretary John Franklin

Treasurer David Rapier

Measurer Mark Fortier


Paul Stephens - West Coast

Bob Lundy - East Coast

Slate voted upon and accepted.

District Secretary, Adam Kline briefly covered the duties of a district secretary: to coordinate the calendar, encourage communication between district fleets, coordinate activities between the fleet level and the class level and to otherwise work to promote the class in that area. He encourages every district to appoint a district secretary.

Jeff Awarded a new trophy: The Kerr Trophy - to honor that member providing unusual services above and beyond the call of duty. It was awarded to the namesake, Andrew Kerr.

Jeff Kerr passed the 'official Santana 20 buck' to the new president, Scott Newcomb.

Meeting Adjourned.